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The health & safety culture means we are all now concious of HiVis clothing, whether it's for work, schools or events, it's an essential item for so many of us. At Fairclough Design we can print bespoke HiVis from child to adult sizes and like our other items these too can be printed even with a 'one off' design.


The main HiVis colours are Yellow or Orange but other colours can be obtained upon request and applications.


Sizes for children are ages 4-6, 7-9 & 10-13 and adult sizes range from XS (extra small) to 10XL in most cases for waistcoasts. An executive waistcoat with pockets (combat style) are also available up to 3XL.


Please call or email for further details


We can also offer drawstring 'kit' style bags for school or work, these again are in yellow and have the HiVis stripe accross allowing excellent visability, especially for the 'school run' on those dark winter mornings.


Should you require other workwear including personalised hardhats please also contact us as we can provide these too, either plain or printed.

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